• Revitalize and develop your leadership skills.
    • Gain insight from healthcare industry experts.
    • Grow your company and prosper.

    Invaluable advice and proven strategies to help you and your business get to the next level.

    Now is the time to attend the Second Annual Medical Dealer Leadership Summit. This high-powered conference is custom designed for business owners, entrepreneurs and C-level managers in the medical equipment sales and service industry.

    Come to the Leadership Summit and understand the strategies, tactics, and real-world solutions you and your business need to succeed in today’s business environment.

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Intercontinenal Chicago O'Hare

July 14 - July 15, 2013

"Develop your leadership skills. Network. Learn from experts."

"Create vision. Generate growth. Be Inspired."

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Why should I attend?

At this unique and timely event, business leaders from a huge range of organizations come together to discover, share and connect. Learning from the dramatic successes––and mistakes––of others, you’ll refocus your vision and revitalize your decision-making powers. You’ll become a better, smarter, more proactive and responsive business leader. 

Learn, Grow, Prosper

Packed with comprehensive insight spanning from motivating your sales force to developing leadership skills, the Leadership Summit will be a dynamic event full of take-home tips and ideas. You’ll learn from highly successful entrepreneurs, world class motivational speakers and health care experts who will give you the tools you need IMMEDIATELY to create positive change and results!

Speaker Lineup
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Jane Melvin

Jane Melvin is founder and president of Strategic Innovations Group, Inc., an innovation and strategy practice founded in 2002 dedicated to helping companies and individuals figure out who they are, what they do, and how to do it better. The company helps its clients with business strategy and positioning, leadership and organizational development, innovation, marketing…

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Bill Wagner
Bill Wagner

For over 20 years, Bill Wagner has been at the forefront of leadership and entrepreneurial practice as a business owner, consultant, speaker and author.

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Jeanette McMurtry
Jeanette McMurtry

Jeanette McMurtry is a sought after authority on consumer psychology and emotionally-based marketing strategies for businesses in all industries.

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Jay Goltz
Jay Goltz

A business speaker who actually runs a business, Jay Goltz is a sought-after speaker and published author.

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